Thursday, 29 August 2013

Massage should be magic

I promised myself a massage every week for the month of August. Surely as a massage therapist I should not have to force myself to enjoy the very thing I am making my living from. To avoid being stale in my practice I chose a different therapist every week for variety and to experience what is available in Sydney. Today I had my fifth massage.

The first massage was at a beauty spa. Beautiful warm clean room, from a woman who had less than 2 years experience. She had a firm and caring touch. Sometimes too strong but with experience will learn to trust her technique. I liked her.

The second massage was in a different spa. Very beautiful space, warm clean room with a en suite shower and toilet. A foot bath started the massage. The massage followed a Balinese routine but it was enjoyable all the same. There was a lot of attention to customer service. I will definitely be back here.

The third massage was in a TAFE student clinic. I marveled at how nice the set up was compared to when I was studying. Not much noise privacy as you can hear your neighbours. The student was competent but didn't convey the feeling that he enjoyed what he was doing.

The fourth massage was also in a TAFE student clinic. Her handshake was slack and limp, yet her massage was excellent. The client gets their first sense of you when you shake hands. It is so important to make first impressions count - you only get 1 chance! Faking self confidence is better than sending the wrong message entirely!

The fifth massage was in one of those ubiquitous Chinese massage shops that dot the CBD. No handshake, not much spoken English, dim clean room with a dour atmosphere and curtained doorway, no music. I requested a 30 minute foot massage. Shoes and socks off only, I roll my pants up past my knees. I lie down on a bench with a thin towel for warmth. The lady dons plastic gloves and applies baby oil to my feet. It is indifferent and lack luster. $35 goodbye.

This entire experience has been enlightening for me. The simple niceties, courtesies, cleanliness, warmth and care prove to me that customer service wins hands down over price. Do that extra bit and you can create raving customer fans through a special experience. Massage can be magic!

Touch my heart, Cherie

Saving my thoughts

Welcome to my first blog. You will read about my feelings and thoughts about how I see the world, what fascinates me, amuses me, inspires me. 

I have so many good ideas that should be shared. I don't believe my discoveries belong just to me.

Stretching and mobility play is what keeps me rolling around in this body with ease and grace. Strength work has really transformed my perception of what I can do. Glute activation has eliminated feet, knee and back pain! It has only taken me 49 years to finally 'get it'! SQUEEZE THAT BUTT CHERIE!

I am constantly delighted by beautiful things and experiences. Though I believe my rare moments of extreme anger should be fully experienced to appreciate the contrasts in Life. 

Bring it on Baby!
Cher xxx